Showing Up and Passing it On

Friday June 3rd, 2022

The ability and willingness to show up for people in life is huge.  Whether it’s your kids, loved ones, friends, or even strangers, there are people who need and even count on you, even if they don’t say it out loud.  There are a handful of people that have shown up for me over the past couple of years that have made all the difference in my life.  I was struck by their stories and their time for me, but mostly that they cared.  Spending so many years completely wrapped up inside my own head, I had no time or space for other people’s needs or problems.  Not to mention, I truly thought what I was dealing with no one could or would understand. I was wrong.  Experiencing friends and strangers giving me their time and energy, really listening to me, and feeling that they care, that has been infectious, and I’ve found myself wanting to do the same for others.  That goes for my kids, family, friends, and strangers in need.

I’ve been told that 90 percent of being a father is just showing up.  For years, I thought I was “showing up” but now I realize what it really means to be present for and hear my kids.  Some family members, as well as old friends, have recently been reaching out to me in need, something that never happened before.  It’s incredible how open people become when they see and feel that same energy from me.  And once strangers, who are no longer strangers, have been contacting me through mutual networks and social media.  I feel privileged to hear from them, listen to what’s going on, and sometimes share my experiences as well.

“I’ve been told that 90 percent of being a father is just showing up.”

It’s no coincidence that since I’ve opened up to the world, the world has, in turn, opened up to me.  I’ve never felt so connected.  I’ve never been so thankful.  And nothing has ever felt so rewarding to me.  My connection to my wife and kids, to a few friends, and to complete strangers is in a place I didn’t know existed.  The gratefulness I feel inside of me for the support and love of my family and network is so powerful.  Passing it on to as many people as possible just feels like the logical and simple thing to do, and yet it has been so fulfilling and rewarding too.  For too long, I lived my life trapped inside of my head, feeling all alone with my racing thoughts and problems, big and small.  Once I let the world back in, everything has changed for the better.  Recognizing that people in my life care about me, that I’m not alone, and that no problem is too big to deal with is comforting and reassuring.  Realizing what I have to offer my family and others, showing up and being connected is the best.

Do it for yourself and the people around you.  Let the world in.  Get connected and stay connected.  You’ll be glad you did!