Episode #80: Angie Asche

Angie Asche: Founder and CEO of Eleat Sports Nutrition
Angie and her company, Eleat Sports Nutrition, work with some of the best professional  athletes in the world, but also with guys like me as I take on an Ironman or marathon.  They also work with people who are simply looking for a healthier lifestyle, maybe want to lose weight, or just want to feel better.  In this conversation, Angie talks to us about the importance of food on more than just our bodies, but on our minds as well.  The food we eat has a direct effect on our moods and mental health, and the energy we may or may not have throughout our day.  The best part is that changing our habits is not as daunting as you may think.  Angie breaks down how better eating habits are attainable with reasonable changes on a daily basis.  We don’t need crazy diets with restrictions that are impossible to maintain.  Better health, mentally and physically, is possible with gradual eating and lifestyle habits.  Angie explains, so listen up.

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