Episode #71: Katie Wood

Katie Wood: Author of A Simple Seed

Meet Katie Wood.  You’re welcome.  She is awesome!  Katie and I spent the majority of our conversation discussing gratitude – practicing, showing, teaching gratitude.  She hit me with this one: “It’s impossible to be angry and grateful at the same time.  Gratitude helped me find peace, it helped me center myself.”  Our conversation took off from there and covered all the ways gratitude, and sometimes lack of it, has played a role in our lives.  Katie’s incredible book, A Simple Seed, which is a journal, is a road map for kids and their parents to explore gratitude together.  It teaches kids how to set the tone for their day, and how to live with this wonderfully positive mindset.  The work in the book also guides children and their parents into deeper, more meaningful conversations and offers the opportunity to build a greater bond and understanding.  I could go on for days, so just listen!  This is an important one!

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