Episode #70: Tom Feegle

Tom Feegel: Beond – Ibogaine Treatment Clinic

Sometimes I feel like we are just scratching the surface in treating people for addiction, trauma and beyond.  And quite often, I get frustrated with what I would call the big Pharma, and dare I say, unethical approach to treatment.  Ibogaine may be the future in treatment for addiction, PTSD, trauma, depression and more.  The use of psychedelics in general continues to advance and grow, and with ibogaine in particular, based on its success rate in treatment, deserves more attention and merit.  Tom Feegel’s ibogaine treatment clinic, Beond, is at the forefront of medical and ethical psychedelic-assisted and behavioral therapy.  Tom shares his personal story of recovery, and his path to discovering ibogaine and building Beond.  

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